HPi-CEproof offers training in 3 formats:

1. Online Training & Examination

We have provided an advanced PED/PER training course for pressure equipment personnel. Originally written to check the knowledge of our own inspectors before going into the field, the course not only covers the general provisions of the Directive/Regulations but looks deeply into each Essential Requirement. The course has 18 modules and requires approximately 10-12 hours to complete. It has mini-quizzes on each section and a final exam for which successful candidates will receive a certificate from HPi-CEproof. Click here to access the training portal.

2. One-day Overview Seminars

From time-to-time, HPi-CEproof runs a generic “introduction to PED/PER” training seminar. Please contact HPi-CEproof to find out when the next course will run.

3. Customised training

Many clients have asked HPi-CEproof to tailor a training package specifically for their own personnel and equipment. This can take any form and be performed wherever the client requires. Please contact HPi-CEproof to discuss your requirements.



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