CE-Pro is a suite of software tools to create the Technical Documentation required by BOTH the:

  • UK Recreational Craft Regulations 2017 (RCR)
  • EU Recreational Craft Directive (RCD)

CE-Pro comes in 2 versions:

CE-Pro Technical Dox

CE-Pro Technical Dox compiles the minimum-but-sufficient technical documentation necessary for submission to a UK Approved Body or EU Notified Body, when accompanied by drawings, calculations and an Owner’s Manual. The tool asks the user to describe their boat, including dimensions and it will list all the applicable standards. The tool will also calculate all the required load cases and mock-up a Builder’s Plate with the mandatory information.

CE-Pro (Full Suite)

The full suite of CE-Pro software goes far further. It will provide checklists for all applicable standards, filtered just for your boat so that you can document compliance with every clause of every standard. It will do structural and stability calculations.  It will also generate a compliant Owner’s Manual and Declaration of Conformity, in most EU languages, in just a few clicks of a button – customised for you boat. It also includes a Project Management tool, pages for evidence of compliance for components and a list of EVERY label required for your boat.

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