HPi-CEproof is accredited as an Approved Body to issue certificates for products being UKCA marked under the 4 regulations listed below.

A “UKCA marking” on a product shows that it conforms to one or more UK Product Safety Regulations which allows it access to the UK market.

If you are new to UKCA marking, the best source of information is the UK Government’s website.

The UKCA marking itself should also be backed up by mandatory documentation that will always include a formal Declaration of Conformity made by a manufacturer or their authorised representative (who might be an importer).

HPi-CEproof is accredited by UKAS and is Approved for the following UK Regulations:

Check out our accreditation on the UK Government’s website

If you would like to discuss UKCA Marking with us please contact HPi-CEproof.


You can read the New Product Markings & Conformity Assessment FAQs here:

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